Arthritis Conservation Treatment (ACT)

We are proud to offer Niagara’s first & sole Arthritis Conservative Treatment (ACT) Clinic in partnership with Niagara South Surgeons, Dr. John Song & Dr. Matthew Gunton.

The ACT Clinic is an OHIP funded clinic that allows patients to receive an orthopaedic assessment, and be provided with relevant education, & supplies with a comprehensive osteoarthritis (OA) treatment plan from surgeons and physiotherapists. Patients will require a doctor’s referral in order to attend the ACT Clinic.

The ACT Clinic’s target patient for referral are those with Knee OA who do not require surgery at this time but would benefit from a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach with Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physiotherapist’s. This clinic is for those patients who do not fit the criteria for or were rejected from the Central Intake Arthritis Clinic (CIAC) and require more conservative management of their knee OA.

Each patient requires a standing knee X-ray and a physician’s referral to be eligible for the ACT clinic. Patients can typically be seen within two weeks of referral. Have your family doctor fax a referral directly to our office.

During the ACT Clinic, patients may be provided with a number of conservative forms of management, such as:

• Cortisone Injections
• Synvisc Injections
• Custom Knee Unloader Bracing education & referral
• Physiotherapy referrals to a comprehensive GLA:D Program